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Pidato Bahasa Inggris 50 Tahun Pramuka

Ini adalah isi pidato bahasa inggris dengan tema 50 tahun gerakan pramuka. Pidato ini saya bawakan waktu mengikuti perkemahan di PANJI, SMA Negeri 01 Singkawang 2011 tingkat penegak. Dan, Alhamdulillah,


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Increasing The Young Generation’s Interest of Scout Activities 

Scout Movement is the only scouting organization in Indonesia which is capable of forming the character of a strong and resilient nation. In addition, the Scout Movement has a long history and high idealism which had become the idol of youth. Scout Movement is a true character and personality of education called the nation and character building.

Nowadays, the Scout Movement and the young generation in Indonesia still face many problems. Problems and challenges in question, among others, is still high dropout rates, the difficulty of getting a job, rampant criminal acts involving the younger generation is certainly cause for concern us all.

To overcome this, it is required the active involvement of young people in scouting activities. Because one of the obligations of each member of the Scout Movement, as it has been formulated by Mr. World Scouting, Baden Powell, as well as directed towards God (duty to the God), for others (duty to others) and self (duty to self), also the important thing is against the nation and state (duty to country).

Philosophy coconut shoots are very fit at all with the existence of the Scout Movement. Try to take a look backward nation has many benefits that we get instead formation of the Scout Movement gait nation's character and love of the homeland as well. Not only that, many other benefits offered Scouting to our homeland without us knowing it was the work of scouts.

Stepping on the age of 50 for the Scout Movement, of course, many obstacles encountered as well as the achievements that have been achieved. Barriers exist that can be resolved and there are unresolved and it had to be resolved because it is one of the main problems to be addressed in order to achieve the vision and mission of the Scout Movement.

When this is the right moment for everyone who feels himself to be a scout for introspection and self-improvement while thinking about the strategy right to re-attract the younger generation to follow the scout activities.

Scouting is an educational and moral character through activities outdoor creative and fun. But for most parents today, the scout is an activity that is absolutely no benefit. According to them better take lessons or other activities of the scouts. Because the results can be viewed directly by eye for a short time.

But here are some benefits to be gained by following the scout activities, among others:

1. Can study for free

2. Getting lots of friends

3. Getting a lot of useful knowledge

4. More experience

5. Adding skills and hone skills

If we already know the benefits of following the Boy Scouts. Are we still lazy or reluctant to follow the Boy Scouts?

By the moment 50 years of the Scout Movement was intended at the same time let us implement the exemplary attitude in us that each of the Scout Movement was more loved and cherished all walks of life.

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